Lighting Brookvale know that having the right interior lighting will turn your house into a home.

Our extensive range of interior lighting fittings to choose from include LED lights, LED downlights, pendant lights, ceiling lights, wall lights, table lamps, floor lamps and chandeliers. You are bound to find the right interior lighting for every room in the house right here.

Interior Lighting: Set the mood with interior lighting

Interior lighting is one of the most important design elements in your home, setting the tone for each room. The right lighting will make your home inviting, making the space come to life and provide safety and security. The wrong interior lighting can do the opposite. Bad lighting can create a tense or uncomfortable environment, change the colour of your walls and furnishing as well as cause health problems like headaches and impaired vision.

Your interior lighting possibilities

So how do you get the right interior lighting for your home?

Firstly, you should know your interior lighting options. Generally lighting can be broken down into three main types:

1. Ambient interior lighting

This type of interior design lighting is the source of general illumination in a space. Ambient lighting is the basic level of overall interior lighting in a room.  Ambient lighting fills a room with bright light or a mellow glow.

Examples of ambient interior lighting includes floor lamps or table lamps placed around the room, overhead lighting (such as recessed lighting within the ceiling), pendant lights and ceiling mounted lighting fixtures.

2. Task interior lighting

Focuses a beam of light on a work area, for a specific purpose such a reading, cooking, putting on makeup or doing homework.  They provide the extra level of illumination that ambient lighting alone can’t adequately provide. Examples include desk lamps and adjustable floor lamps.

3. Accent interior lighting

Provides a way to focus attention and highlight art or an architectural feature as well as decorative aspects of a room.  Examples of accent lighting include spotlights focused on a painting or track lighting.

Layer all three types of interior lighting illumination in a room for sophistication and ambiance.  Create style personality with your choice of interior lighting fixtures, and save money and conserve the natural environment by choosing LED interior lighting.

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